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2009年にリリースされたRFの1st 7inch singleは、国内のレコード・ショップはもとより海外でも完売店続出となり、 UKのFat Cityでは週刊売上ランク1位 、WAH WAH 45やMukatsuku等のラジオでもオンエアー される等、UKを中心に世界中で話題に。そんなRFの記念すべき1stアルバム。

7inchで先行シングル・カットされたThe Pharcyde / Runnin'のジャム・カヴァーとなるM-1から、Souls Of Mischiefのミドル・クラシックを生音で昇華したM-2、Ramp Eye / 証言ネタを現代的視点で再構築したM-3、NujabesもサンプリングしたUK Jazz DJの古典をRFの世界へと落とし込んだM-4、A.T.C.O. / Can I kick it?ネタでお馴染み"Walk on the wild side"をダブ&音響的な解釈で再現したM-5、"ブッダの休日"ネタJoe Thomas / Cocoをブリージン & メロウに仕上げたM-6、Time MachineもサンプリングしたGeorge Dukeのメロウ・チューンをアコースティック・スタイルで奏でるM-7、Jurassic 5 / Swing setへのRFからの回答となるFunky Swing M-8、ブラジリアン・ヒップホップをメガミックスしたかの様なM-9、Five DeezネタのLatin Jazz傑作をRF色に染め上げたM-10まで、多彩且つ高密度な1枚。

試聴リンク : https://soundcloud.com/rf-timeless/runnin-the-pharcyde-cover

The first 7inch single released in 2009 by RF were sold out not only in domestic record shops but also in overseas. It ranked 1st at Fat City, UK on their weekly sales ranking, and were played on radio shows of WAH WAH 45, Mukatsuku etc.. They were much talked about in around the world centered in the UK. And Finally, RF's memorable 1st album has been released!!

The album starts with RF's preceding 7inch single, the jam cover of The Pharcyde / Runnin'. Souls Of Mischief's middle school hip hop classic sublimed by live sound on M-2, sampling source of Ramp Eye / SHOUGEN on M-3 is restructured from a contemporary view, M-4 is sampled by Nujabes, and it's the classics of UK JAZZ DJ percolated to RF world. M-5 is a dub and sound art interpretation reprise of "Walk on the wild side", familiar with sampling source of A.T.C.O. / Can I kick it, and on M-6 is the breezy and mellowized version of Joe Thomas / Coco, the sampling source of "BUTTA NO KYUJITSU". Sample by Time Machine on M-7 is George Duke's mellow tune turned into acoustic style, funky swing M-8 is an answer tune from RF to Jurassic 5 / Swing set. M-9 is just like a megamix of brazillian hip hop, and on M-10 is a latin jazz classic from five deez samples imbued with RF's color.

Daedal and high density album!!

Listen : https://soundcloud.com/rf-timeless/runnin-the-pharcyde-cover

01. Runnin
02. 93 ’til infinity
03. Who needs forever
04. Love theme from Spartacus
05. Walk on the wild side
06. Coco
07. You and me
08. More swing
09. Hipnova Brazilian suite:Mas que nada-Deixa-Berimbau
10. Fiesta

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¥2,300 税込