RF / From the past to the future (12inch EP) T-001 12

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The Pharcyde / Runnin'のジャム・カヴァー7inchがリリース直後に完売し国内外の話題をさらったRFが待望の12inchをリリース !

1stアルバム (CD)から特にvinyl化の声が多く寄せられていた3曲に新録1曲を加えた計4曲を収録。Souls Of Mischiefのミドル・クラシックを生音で昇華した疾走感抜群の"93 ’til infinity"、Ramp Eye / 証言ネタを現代的視点で再構築しHip Hop DJ達から絶大な支持を集めた"Who needs forever"、Gato Barbieriも度肝を抜かすであろうディープなテナー・サックスをフューチャーしたFive Deeze / Latitudeネタ"Fiesta"の新録version (CD未収録)、J-Rap Chill Out Classics"ブッダの休日"でサンプリングされたJoe Thomasの佳曲をブリージン & メロウに仕上げたCocoまで、RFの世界観を余すところなく凝縮。

初回1shot pressのみの限定盤です。

The first 7inch single released in 2009 by RF were sold out not only in domestic record shops but also in overseas. It ranked 1st at Fat City, UK on their weekly sales ranking, and were played on radio shows of WAH WAH 45, Mukatsuku etc.. They were much talked about in around the world centered in the UK. And Finally, RF's memorable 1st 12inch has been released!!

The 12inch starts with Souls Of Mischief's middle school hip hop classics sublimed by live sound, sampling source of Ramp Eye / SHOUGEN on A-2 is restructured from a contemporary view, and on B-2 is the breezy and mellowized version of Joe Thomas / Coco, the sampling source of "BUTTA NO KYUJITSU", and on B-1 "Fiesta" (new version) is a latin jazz classics from Five Deez samples imbued with RF's color including deep sax!

Side A1 : 93 'til infinity
Side A2 : Who needs forever

Side B1 : Fiesta (deep sax version)
Side B2 : Coco

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¥1,680 税込